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Ravenheart Music: Interviews


Apparition is an awesome Gothic Metal band based about 35 miles from Ravenheart Towers. They are a great bunch, and during the years have undergone some line up changes, these mainly affecting the vocalist department. However, they have now announced a new vocalist, Mariana Cassaigne (pictured) from Mexico! I feel that perhaps now is the right time to have a 'mini interview' with Dave, the mastermind behind Apparition, and his new find Mariana, about her joining the band.

Apparition has had various lineup changes in the past, those being mainly in the vocalist's department, more so of late. Would you know Dave why the vocalists were kinda coming and going?
Dave- Well both Annabelle and Samantha were students and because being in the band doesn’t pay enough for a wage it has to be seen as a hobby no matter how much effort you put in. Sam was working a weekend job too which didn’t help. Fiona too was taking a degree and lived miles away. With Jenny… fuck knows but she had no ambition. Sorry, didn’t mean it the way it sounded but I think she felt she was holding us back. I guess the moral of the story is don’t have clever girls as singers!! Erm sorry Mariana lol. She is clever, writes better English than me, which doesn’t really say a lot.

And how did Mariana come into the equation?
Dave - After Jenny left, I started looking on musicians websites. The thing with them is that most people don’t put on enough information about themselves. Its like ‘hi I’m jane and I like bands x y and z message me. Anyone who wants to sing in a band should go to a studio to record at least one song and put it online along with pictures. Anyway I heard of a facebook page called ‘Eve’s Apple’ which Mariana will tell you about in a moment and we posted an advert. Mariana replied by email and what I liked about it was it was full of information, pictures and most importantly her singing. We started talking on msn messenger and soon hit it off. We have become really good friends and hopefully our chemistry will show on stage.

This is a big move for you Mariana, moving from Mexico to the UK to front a rock band. I have an idea, but can you tell our readers how you came to hear about Apparition needing a vocalist?
Mariana - Hi Dave, and readers! First of all, thank you very much for interviewing us. Well, 2010 was a year of many changes, difficult experiences but also challenges that somehow helped me to grow up and follow my dreams, even if they were oceans away... after my last band broke up, I decided to look for a commited metal band and I happened to find it in England. Since Eve's Apple opened (Lisa Middelhauve's and many great singers group on Facebook), I read their articles and asked the girls for advice before. The first day I started looking for bands I found Apparition's post on Eve's Apple. They said they wanted a strong woman who was willing to take over the reigns, and I thought "that sounds like me" haha. So I sent them an email with my pictures, my demo and I told them I lived in Mexico but didn't really care moving to England. Later on I sent them 2 Apparition songs with my voice and I think they liked me :) and then I was accepted. I think it was all meant to be.
Dave – strong front woman to carry amps!!!!

How do you feel about the move and what are the views of your family?
Mariana - I won't lie to you, I feel nervous, sometimes scared of being in a country so far from mine, away from my family, my friends, my boyfriend, and I say to myself "Mariana you are nuts, I can't believe you are doing this", but I'm also very excited and I know my dream is coming true, and I know the life I want requires sacrifices which I am willing to take. I've always wanted to be the singer of a famous metal band. I feel lucky I found David and all the Apparition guys and family, they have been so nice to me, they have showed me they care about me, it makes the scary feelings go away. I see in them a new family. My family supports me, I think it took them a while to fully understand that their youngest sister/daughter really wanted to be a metal singer, but they have told me that even though they are going to miss me, they support me and they will help me to make my dream come true. I'm lucky to have the family I have. My boyfriend supports me too, he knows exactly what I have always wanted. He knows that this will make me happy, and as people say if our love is true (which I believe it is) it will stand distance and more.

Anyway Mariana, can you tell us a little bit about your background, and how you came into the music business?
I started singing when I was 15/16, to be honest I have never considered myself as someone born gifted. There are these wonderful singers that say that when they were 3 they already sang, but that wasn't me. I listened to Within Temptation for the first time when I was 15 and I thought "I really want to do this". So I started taking singing lesssons. My beloved teacher, Eugenia Sutti told me that it didn't matter if I wasn't born with the gift, but I had to fight and work for it and so I did, for 6 years now I have been studying very hard. I have seen my voice grow and emerge from I don't know where. I am also taking piano lessons with teacher Jirina Lieberman. When I was also 16 I formed my first metal band, Arcane Path and with them I learnt the meaning of real love for music,and of brotherhood inside a band. After that I've had many other bands but I never found the correct people, they didn't understand commitment and brotherhood, which is something I like about Apparition. They have been fighting side by side for years now to make this dream come true.

And what music do you listen to in your spare time and when you are relaxing?
Mostly metal and opera. I love female fronted metal bands obviously, like Within Temptation, After Forever, ReVamp, Stream of Passion, Xandria, In This Moment, Arch Enemy. And some other things like Children of Bodom, Kamelot, Blind Guardian, Pyramaze, Tori Amos (which is not metal) ... I also like oldies, I love ABBA, Guns n'Roses, Bon Jovi, Queen. And opera, I download complete operas and I listen to them over and over again. I like Emma Shapplin, Sarah Brightman, Josh Groban, Cecilia Bartoli, Maria Callas, Anna Netrebko, Sumi Jo, but also Celine Dion, Madonna, and many others.

I presume you have had to obtain work permits etc. Has everything been as straight forward as you could have hoped?
Right now I will only go as a tourist for 3 months and then I will apply for a student visa. I want to continue my opera studies too, so I will go to the Royal Northern College of Music and to the Birmingham Conservatoire to audition when I go back. I am also applying to have my Spanish Nationality, because my grandmother was Spanish, that should make everything easier.

And I presume you are very happy with your choice of vocalist Dave?
Dave – Sure am!!! I am really looking forward to working with my new friend and band mate

Also, how do the other band members feel about the new front lady?
John was skeptical at first. He had every right since we were let down badly in the last year. I’m not talking about Sam, Fiona etc, they were great. I’m talking about other dimwitted singers, especially one deluded egotistical liar lol who wasted our time. But both John and Rob are really happy about Mariana and what she will bring to the band.

I know that there were some demo recordings with your previous singer. Are there plans to re record these with Mariana or will you start totally afresh?
Mariana will re-record the vocals because I wouldn’t want to release an album with someone else’s voice on who wasn’t in the band. We have done that too much in the past.

One more thing for Mariana. Things can have a habit of moving very quickly in the music business. Did you honestly feel this time last year, that in March 2011, you would be fronting a UK based Gothic Metal act?
Mariana - Not exactly, I always thought I would move with my mexican bandmates to the NL, but things didn't work as planned. And when I started looking for bands I never thought I would find one in the UK... things have changed a lot lately, and will continue changing, I know, but I'm very happy they way things turned.

And where do you hope to be this time next year? :)
Mariana - I'm not hoping, I know I will be with my Apparition bandmates writing new songs, perhaps recording a new album, having thousands of shows, enjoying life and music and fighting for our dreams together. :)

Finally, Is there anything either of you would like to say to the readers of this website?
Mariana - Please stay in contact with us for further news about us, thanks for all your support and don't forget you are the ones making this dream come true. Love you all. Mariana.
Dave – You heard the boss!!!!
Dave Smith (Mar 22, 2011)