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Ravenheart Music: Interviews


Hi Malene...It is great to be given this opportunity to interview you. Can you tell us firstly what made you get into music, and secondly, give us some history regards your band?
Hello Dave.
Thanks, it is nice that you wanted to interview me.
I am not sure what made me become interested in music. I guess it has always just been a part of me and singing is something that I’ve always been doing. I guess when I first decided to take it a step further was back on 04. I tried to sing and play some of my own songs at a local talent show and was given much positive feedback by the judges. This inspired me to do my own thing. I discovered that music and singing was something I was good at and became my way of expressing myself. It also made me feel like I had a meaning in life. I decided to start a band when I was sixteen (2006). First I recorded a demo with some friends, and then I held auditions to find a permanent band. After Odd Henning (guitarist) became a member in 2007 we were a complete line-up. Odd Henning is also a very talented songwriter and we started to cooperate a lot, writing and composing songs for the band. He has definitely become an important part of our sound.

I understand there has been a few personnel changes within your line-up. Would you like to fill us in?
Yes, that is correct. We have had two people quit the band recently. Marius (guitar) and Nils (bass), and so now we are searching for new members. We are using the summer to find the missing members.

Can you tell us about Acelsia's previous releases?
Acelsia has recorded two demos. The first was “Demo 2008” which was mainly my songs + This House Is Haunted which is an awesome song by Odd Henning. Strangest Feeling which you can find the music video on you tube, was also included in this demo. This song started our direction towards a more riff-based music. In the second demo “Primrose Path” Odd Henning was much more involved and you can hear a clear difference in our sound. The sound moved from a pop/rock style to a heavier and atmospheric sound, focusing more on riffing and powerful melody-lines. September 2007, we released our first Ep, Quietude, independently. With this release we took the step to something even heavier then Primrose Path. Some songs worked better than others is my personal opinion. The melodic guitars and powerful melody -lines together with personal lyrics still makes it worth a listen though.

And how has your music to date been received by the media?
Our music, especially 'Quietude' has received some mixed reviews. Some very good ones and some not quite that good, which is okay and fair enough. I believe that mostly we have received good feedback for what we have done so far, but you can’t always please everybody.
How would you describe your style of music to those who are unfamiliar with Acelsia?
Acelsia is a melodic metal band with influences from different genres such as doom and pop-music. The music is shifting between the soft and mellow to the more extreme, always with a strong melody in the centre. The band’s music goal is to spread hope and encouragement through a melodic sound with heavy guitars and strong melodies, at the same time show that metal doesn’t always have to follow a certain pattern.

I understand there is a new album in the works. Would you like to give us further information regards this?
Yes, that is also correct. Acelsia is working on their first full album which will be released fall next year. This album will be consisting of both new songs and new recordings of some older songs. There will also be two singles released next year as a taste of what is to come. The sound will be a bit softer than our last release, Quietude. Still heavy and atmospheric at the same time shifting between genres.

I am always curious as to why the Scandinavian Countries seem to be able to produce such awesome bands :) Would you be able to give me an indication as to why this is Malene?
That is a good question. I can’t really answer that though. Scandinavia is famous for their black metal and maybe that’s why metal bands from here are so popular abroad. Why we have some good bands, I can’t really say.. (it’s a secret)

How do you perceive the female fronted rock and metal scene in Europe at the moment?
Women in metal have become very common and that is great! But I think “female fronted metal bands” is related to a genre which we can’t really relate ourselves to, even though, yes I am a woman and sing in a metal band.

And how important do you think it is to get onto the road and get your music out to a live environment?
I think to make it as a musician or a band it is crucial to play live. Both because that is a good way to make new fans, at the same time keep and please the old ones. Personally I love playing live, and if I couldn’t do that, I would lose an important part of myself. It has also become more important to play live if you want to make a living out of it, as you can’t really expect to make money by selling records any more.

Are there any tours in the pipeline?
No, there aren’t any tour-plans at the moment. We need to find our missing members first, and then we’ll take it from there. Of course we hope to play some gigs both in Norway and abroad next year, but a full tour I don’t think will be yet.

Who or what are your musical inspirations at this moment in time?
I don’t know really. I actually don’t have any clear inspirations when I write… If Odda has an idea I usually listen to the instrumental and write down what feelings I get from it. I have been inspired to write genuine and honest music by other bands and songs that are too many to mention. That has always been important to me. I know Odda is very doom-inspired and I am more pop/rock inspired so I guess that shines through.

And what music do you listen to in your spare time?
I listen to a lot! At the moment Anathema, Alcest and The Cranberries are my top three. Anathema changed my world. They showed me what music can and should sound like. They really inspired me to be true to myself and the music. Alcest is more near black metal, but with a very melodic and dreamy sound. I can listen to them and I just lock everything else out. The Cranberries makes me happy and I want to sing every time I hear them!

One last thing, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of this website?
If you want honest, melodic and interesting soft metal, then check us out at our Facebook. Also stay tuned for the single and album release in 2012!

Many thanks Malene and my very best wishes for the future.
Dave Smith (Jun 30, 2011)