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Ravenheart Music: Interviews


Anadies are an awesome gothic metal band from Colarado Springs in the USA. With one album ('Formamentum') under their belt, and with another ('Prevail') just having been released, I gave myself the chance to catch up with Tom Davis, their bassist and the guy who 'runs' this awesome bandwagon!

Many people here in the UK would not have heard of you, although if I had my way that will change. Tell me a little about yourselves and how did you arrive at the name Anadies, which I consider to be very gothy sounding?
We have all been a part of the music scene and have known each other for years. In early 2003 we got together and started to write, things gelled quickly and the chemistry was right. The name AnaDies originated from the word anodize which is an electronic process of applying color to metal.

Your singer Christy Lumberg, she has a Scandinavian sound to her surname. Bearing in mind the awesome stuff coming out of Scandinavia these days, is Christy actually from a Scandinavian country?
Her surname has been traced back to Sweden, although she is not from a Scandinavian Country.

Have you or any other members of your awesome band been involved with any other musical projects that you would care to let us in on?
We are currently in the process of starting a music based web cast to help promote touring and local acts. We will be featuring live performance broadcasts as well as interviews, news and even a little bit of sketch comedy. It is called Underground Direct ( and we hope to be launching this endeavor soon, so keep you're eyes open! As far as other current musical projects, Dave (guitar) also plays in the band Chebedda.

We all know about Evanescence, but by and large, what is the female fronted music scene like in the USA? Could it be any better?
There really isn't much of a (metal) female fronted music scene here in the States. It is not as strong as across the pond but we are trying to do our part to change that. With that said, it could obviously be better.

Your debut cd 'Formamentum' is an awesome chunk of music, that must I am sure appeal to the gothic crowd big time, and your new album 'Prevail' sounds equally as impressive, from what I have heard. Can you tell me more about the songs on the debut record, and the songs on the new record too?
Well first off thank you for the kind words. The first album is a culmination of our life experiences. We had no theme in mind when
writing the songs on 'Formamentum'. We all contribute in the writing
process lyrically and musically and there is a little piece of all of
us in that album. There is an obvious evolution in the band that is heard in 'Prevail" as well there is a definite theme to this album. The title speaks for itself. We have been tested as a band on the road
and off dealing with health issues, financial setbacks, line up changes, basically everything that this industry and life can throw at you. Releasing this album is a testament to our strength and ability to weather adversity.

Do you have any faves on "Prevail"?
It is hard to pick a favorite because there is so much diversity on the new album so there is something to like about all the songs. We worked very hard to make sure there is no filler content on this album.

Bearing in mind your cds are independently produced, was the recording process simple or did it give you major headaches?
It was not simple, but it wasn't a major headache either. We enjoy the recording process and working with our producer Dave Otero from Flatline Audio. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude for all the work and time that he has put in. The quality of 'Prevail' far exceeds 'Formamentum' due to larger budget, better song writing, and extra time in the studio to make sure that things were done right. The roughest part of the whole thing was scheduling and making the time to do what needed to be done.

Being an unsigned band and obviously with all the headaches of trying to get a deal, is the mood in the Anadies camp upbeat?
We truly believe in ourselves and our music so the mood always stays upbeat. We love what we do and if our only goal was to be signed we would have given up a long time ago. Our passion lies in our music and our love of being on stage, that is why we play music. Of course being signed could potentially open a lot of doors very quickly for us, but there is no reason why we can't open many of those doors on our own.

The female fronted rock/metal scene here in the UK could be stronger. What are your expectations of the rock/metal scene as a whole?, and would you hope to tour here in the UK/Europe if given the opportunity?
The rock/metal scene as a whole goes through its ups and downs, we
would definitely like to see it stronger and stay strong. There are too many signed and unsigned bands that do not get the attention they
deserve. Fans in the UK / Europe seem to be more open minded and supportive of the type of music we play. We would jump at the opportunity to tour in the UK/Europe and hope that one day we'll be able to do so.

Musically and spiritually who/what are your inspirations, and what sort of music do members of Anadies listen too while they are chilling out?
With Five members in the band our inspirations vary. We have such a wide range of music that we listen to that it would be a long list. We listen to everything from Tori Amos to Amon Amarth.

And what are your plans for the future?
Our focus is to get out and do what we love to do, write and record more music, more touring and expanding our fan base. With hard work and effort we've been able to do a lot of great things and we plan on doing much more.

Well good luck in all what you do! Finally is there anything that you would like to say to anybody across the world via this website?
We would like to thank all the people around the world who have supported us over the years. Whether they came to a show, published an interview or review, told a friend about our band, purchased some merchandise, etc. We truly appreciate each and every one of you! Also, you can find information, media, merchandise, tour dates for AnaDies at and

Love and respect - AnaDies
Dave Smith (Sep 28, 2008)