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Ravenheart Music: Interviews


After listening to the album ‘Madchen’ by Italian Band Amantyde fronted by Nicky, and after having read information on their Facebook page, that suggests they favour bands like Black Label Society, Ozzy Osbourne, Exilia and Katatonia. And they list their band interests as Beer, Pussy and Drugs, so was I going to sit here and allow an opportunity to interview them slip by? The answer was “no I wasn’t”. So here is an interview with singer Nicky:

Firstly, can we be introduced to the members of the band?
Hi, I am Nicky, lead vocals of the band, then Amantyde are Andrea, bass and screaming, Dario on the guitars, and our new entry for drums, Frankie.
The drummer who recorded in Madchen is Gere, that now left the band for family business.

And can you tell us how the band all came together?
The band started this project in 2006, I was in a hard rock band with our first guitarist and drummer, then Andrea, who played in a death metal band, had the idea of a nu metal band fronted by a female vocal, so he suggested us some bands for inspiration, as Exilia, In Flames, Katatonia, and here we are.

And have any band members been involved or are still involved in other musical projects?
Yes, when it all began I was singin’ in this hard rock band called “Mistery Motel” with our first guitarist, Randy, and drummer, Chad. Andrea was the bassist and lead vocals of a Swedish death metal band called “The Wood Silence”. Now, our guitarist, Dario, plays also with a noise band, “Just Married”, and our drummer plays with some projects around here. I also sing in an acoustic duo, tribute to Johnny Cash.

Can you tell us about 'Madchen' that to be honest I think is a very good album?
Thank you. Madchen is the first album composed and recorded with the new line up, and we’re very proud of it. After the recording of our previous album, “Bleeding Miles”, me and Andrea understood that way we were evolving did not fit for us, because it was too mainstream, and without punch. So we decided to change something inside of the band, and Madchen is more approached to what is in our mind and heart. And we thank our new members and the guys of the recording studio (Flame Out Studios) for it.

And what was the studio experience like?
Absolutely great! For the first time (this is our third studio album), there were no problems, we were very relaxed, the guys understood immediately our direction as for sound and impact. Personally, I recorded all the tracks in one day and a half, and it was the first time I was so satisfied with my job.

‘Madchen’ I understand means “Girl” in German. Can you tell us why you titled the album ‘Madchen’, and the meaning behind the title?
“Madchen” is a female album. Graphics, revolve around the subject of the woman, and her role in this society, where she is often rank just as merchandise.

I myself have done some research on your Facebook site, but for the benefit of the readers of this website, how did you come to name the band Amantyde?
Amantyde in English don’t mean anything. Well, even in italian..But we were trying to find a name that would contain the essence of our music. Something that would be violent but sensual at the same time. And so came to our mind the concept of the mantis, this small insect of which the female kills the male and eats it after the copulation. In italian mantis is called “mantide” and in venetian dialect is called “amantide”. So Amantyde is just the englishization of this venetian word, because we are Venetian, ignorant and proud of it, ehehe…

As I say, I myself like the record, giving the release an 8.75/10 on the Ravenheart website. Have you any indication as to what the media reaction in general has been like so far to the record?
Some zines welcomed the album very well, others instead pretty bad.
And I think this is a good thing because, unlike the previous album which was welcomed without praise or blame, Madchen is a product that somehow makes the difference.

And for those unfamiliar with your music, how would you describe your music, and do you have any favourite tracks on the CD?’ always hard to describe your sound, we can only say that we put all of our passion, anger, pain and fun in what we play, and we try our best to get our message across. Our favourite track is “Creepy Crowlies” the, opening track, because is the first we composed whit the new line up, and so it sets the pace in the Amantyde history.

Lyrically, ‘Madchen’ does tell a rather complex story. Would you like to explain further?
In our songs I always try to tell what I see around us in the background we’re living. In Madchen I tell about the Libyan revolution, about child soldiers, pedophilia, facebook, and other things I really dislike.

There are a few covers of the Cranberries song ‘Zombie’ floating around at the moment. What made you decide to do a cover of this song?
Zombie was just a joke. We always played it on stage, and after years we decided to record it because we like it very much.

Who or what are your musical inspirations at the moment, and what/who do you listen to when you are chilling out or relaxing?
We all listen lots of metal and hard rock, obviously. Big names as Ozzy, Pantera, Sepultura, BLS, Alter Bridge, In Flames, Katatonia, Amorphis, Rammstein, Devin Townsend, Korn, Depeche Mode, SoundGarden, but we also listen many underground bands, and genres which move away from what we play: noise, punk, experimental.

And do you have any hobbies when not making music?
Well, we all work so we try to spend all of our free time in music, playing music, listening to music, teaching music, goin’ to concerts, but we try to save some hours in our day for other things and people that we love: our family and friends first, then literature, cinema, writing, traveling, and of course, party and drinking! :D

And if you were given the opportunity to open for any band, what band would that be?
Mmm…well… Ozzy? We hope he will be still alive the day we will become famous enough to open for him, ehehe!

What are your band's plans for the future regards touring, and do you have any future musical ambitions?
We just hope to keep on making good music, recording good albums, until we’ll have something to say. We live and enjoy the moment, so we never make plans for future, and we think that ambitions and passion come from different and opposite world, and we prefer to keep them apart.

Well, thank you for your time and good luck in all your future endeavours. We wish you all the very best for the future, and if you are Birmingham (UK) way, please come and find us.
(Apr 19, 2012)