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Ravenheart Music: Interviews


Belladonna is an amazing band from Italy. They was formed on February 14, 2005 in Rome by Luana Caraffa and Dani Macchi after forming a songwriting partnership. They have a new album (their 4th) 'SHOOTING DICE WITH GOD' due out April 18th, and bearing this in mind, I decided to interview Luana, the vocalist from the band.

Hi Luana, and many many thanks for allowing me this interview. Can you start by telling our readers a little bit about the band and it's history?
First of all, thank you so much for this interview! Everything for us has changed when we decided to upload some songs on MySpace: that started an incredible word of mouth about us. Two of those songs, "Foreverland" and "Black Swan", even ended up in the ballot of the Grammy Awards. That social network incredibly helped us ... We recorded two albums in the United States, toured all over the world, played live with NIN, Mars Volta, Staind, Korn, collaborated with legendary UK composer Michael Nyman... etc. Our history is summarized in the wikipedia page dedicated to the our band Belladonna Band Wikipedia. We are proud of the path we've trodden so far, even more so because we have always been 100% independent.

And the fact you was formed on Valentines Day in 2005, is there any significance in that? :)
It was an awesome coincidence... but maybe coincidences do not exist...! :-)

Are any band members involved in any other musical projects?
No, we all are only focused on our band and our music.

Great stuff. Can you tell us about the new album 'Shooting Dice With God'?
It's an album recorded completely live, vocals included, as they used to do in the 60s ... and just like our previous albums. It consists of 11 songs written by me and Dani Macchi (our guitarist) and it was produced and mixed by Dani in his studio

And how did you come about the title?
Reflecting on quantum physics Albert Einstein said "God does not play dice" ... the title of our album is inspired by that reflection...

And for those unfamiliar with your music, how would you describe your music to anybody who is not familiar with the band?
Cliched as it sounds, whatever style we have is what our band is, it comes out from within us and it's never a consequence of us wanting to make music that even remotely resembles someone else's music. It's a fire entirely of our own making.

And do you have any personal faves on the new CD?
It's very difficult to answer this question ... perhaps every day a different one! ;-)

You have three other releases I believe, so would you like to tell our readers about those albums and how have they been received by the media? Also what have sales been like?
We are not very good at evaluating our own music actually, making it it's very much a spiritual and unconscious process so we cannot really properly speculate on it... but they've all been incredibly well received by the media and by the public in terms of reviews and sales... we've always been extremely lucky on that respect.

I understand Luana that you release your music without the backing of a record label? This arrangement I assume works very well for the band, but have you encountered any label interest?
Yes we've encountered a lot of interest but we've always preferred to stay unsigned! To us it has always been paramount to do whatever we felt like doing, and when you are signed to a label - however "indie" and pro-artist that label claims to be - it's just not possible. So we choose to form our own company (Visionoir Srl) and to stay in control of everything. It's a hell of a sacrifice in terms of sheer work, but the Music stays Pure, so it's totally worth it.

Considering that the rock and metal scene can still be seen by some people as a male dominated genre, is there ever a problem with being taken seriously having a lady fronting the band?
We never had any problems in this regard to tell you the truth... and we are a mainly-female band, three girls and two boys! ;-)

When you are chilling out, what bands or music do you tend to listen to?
Mainly music recorded before 1980 before machines and computers started ruling recording studios and creative processes... anyway, no matter the genre, we love any artist that is able to convey a true, deep, heartfelt emotion through his music.

And what top name would you just love to tour and hang out with?
Actually we never thought much about this ... we love to share the stage with Real artists, and they're not necessarily "top" ones or famous ones, usually it's the opposite, in fact!

I agree. Many thanks for this interview, and is there anything you would like to say to the readers of this website before we say goodbye?
Thanks to you too, and we'd like to thank everybody for having read this far!! Feel free to drop us a line on our Facebook ( we always answer to everyone personally.... talk soon!! :-)
Dave Smith (Apr 19, 2013)