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Ravenheart Music: Interviews


Ravenheart Music prides itself on the fact that we come across some obscure and hardworking acts. Which takes us onto Adyta. This is a project by a Norwegian musician. A very nice and hardworking guy by all accounts-Joakim Severinsen. He has even been able to secure the services of a top female vocalist. I wanted to find out more as the sort of music that I hear on Adyta's myspace site could be right up my alleyway. So read on....

Hi Joakim, and it is an honour for me to be able to interview you. Can you tell me more about yourself, your musical pedigree and the history of your new project Adyta?
Hi, it’s a pleasure to answer as well! Well, I’m probably a very weird person. I’m a guy who always has thoughts heavy as burdens in my head. I started playing guitar when I was fifteen or something, and after some time me and some guys I jammed with formed Sectum, which was a kinda folkish extreme metal band. This band evolved into Mortiferia, so we actually changed the style of music to symphonic metal with female vocals. Mortiferia was my main thing before I got started with the Adyta thing, as I just couldn’t get satisfied in Mortiferia for various reasons. So we decided to part ways. So now I’m where I am today! The only sad thing is that I haven’t been able to make Adyta more than a project of my own yet.

Adyta - can you tell our readers the meaning behind the name?
Yeah, well there’s not much to say. It has more meanings to it, but I chose it because it refers to something that must not be entered. It makes just as little sense everytime I tell about it, but I find it fascinating and I like the sound of the word. The two bands I played in earlier has had latin names And I don’t really know why I did stick latin this time. I believe it’s just the sound of it that really caught my attention, hehe.

It seems that Adyta is very much in the early stages of development. I also understand that you have been able to secure the services in the vocal department of ex Visions of Atlantic Chanteuse Melissa Ferlaak. Awesome stuff! Could you tell us how that came about?
Like she says, Thank the gods for technology. Honestly, I just sent her a myspace message explaining to her about the project, refering to some audio samples and then she wanted to hear some full tracks. She get’s a lot of help with the recordings from her husband, Wolfgang who also played in Visions of Atlantis, so that’s sort of great in my opinion! Anyway, even though I’ve gotten a lot of the final tracks done, things have been delayed a little due to their baby situation. But I won’t allow the result to be bad, so she’ll just have to take the time she needs, which it seems like she does!

And for those totally unfamiliar with Adyta, how would you describe your music in general?
Well, first of all I’m sorry there’s only instrumental samples online at the moment. But I would definitely advice people to check it out and wait for the day I’m finished mixing the heckload of work! It’s obviously no limits to genres these days, but to make it short, just think of it as symphonic metal. Very orchestrated metal with some folk and film music influences, female vocals & some growls. That will basically be it.

Now having secured the services of the singer, I understand that you are/have been searching for other musicians to complete the project. Can you fill us in as to what progress you have been making regards the recruitment of musicians for this project?
I prefer to look upon the progress as miserable. I did rehearse with some promising musicians, but their circumstances stopped them from making it work. What’s fun is that I’ve actually gotten submissions from all kinds of musicians from so many countries, it’s just that I live in the dungeon of Norway, a city called Skien. My options are limited cause of where I live and so on, and I actually think I’m not a difficult person to satisfy when it comes to what skills musicians should have. Life just isn’t a walk on roses!

That is true. What would you class as your musical influences, and musically and spiritually who or what are your inspirations?
To list some, I would have to say Zimmer, Elfman, Howard, Williams, Vangelis and the list goes on. In metal, Ensiferum, Wintersun and Epica have been what approached me the most. Spiritually, well what can I say. With all the ups and downs in life, which im really not fond of, I guess I can say being a heavy thinker and a bit of a melancholic person really makes me how I am about expressing myself through music.

I understand that your EP when released will be titled 'Rose of Melancholy'. Can you give us an indication as to how you arrived at the title, and as to how work is progressing on the EP?
The melodies in the song named 'The Rose of Melancholy' is probably some of the best in all of the tracks. I chose it as a title just cause of this, since it’s the a song that appeals most to me in a emotionally way. Some might say the lyrics are very cliché and tragic, but that would all depend on how it’s enterpereted. Sometimes I can’t explain why I write music with a certain feeling, I just do it and I enjoy it. The progress is, well, halted a little bit right now cause of what I explained earlier AND some big dealys on drum tracks as well. I am really hoping that I won’t have to use programmed drums.

It may be a little early to ask this, but do you have any label interest in your project as yet?
I really do not know. I haven’t heard anything, but I haven’t started sending demos around either. Anyway, my goal is to be hugely satisfied with this disc, cause I hate not doing as good as I can with the few options I have.

I am always amazed at the quality of music that seems to emerge from Scandinavia, and I often wonder what you people over there put in your water. I so happen to get a large percentage of hits on the Ravenheart Music website from Scandinavia. Can you fill us in with your thoughts as to why Scandinavia produces a never ending stream of awesome metal bands?
Well, I’m a bit sick and tired of the north and wish I will see better days somewhere else, haha! But perhaps the place, the nature and everything is the cause of it. Luckily the roots in folkmusic and so on is something that people wish to keep intact. But personally I love when music is made as Epically as possible. I’m not a big fan of the Norwegian black metal scene really. But I can understand what you mean by what you say. I especially adore all the great bands that blooms from Finland.

The UK has always been seen as the birthplace of rock and metal (The Beatles, Led Zep, Ozzy etc), but the rock/metal scene here could be stronger. I blame the media myself. But what are your expectations of the femme rock/metal scene as a whole in the UK, Europe and across the USA?
Well, To Mera is a a favourite band of mine, and they are from the UK!

When you are not making music, how do you chill out?
Hehe! Well, just relaxing and having some good time with friends. The normal stuff I would say! I always enjoy a good concert or arrangement though, even though Norway is very lame at making things happen. There is not much of cultural activity these days, everyone is on their own but, they are there, hehe. But I guess that is what counts.

And I must assume that Adyta is not your full time occupation. Many musicians I know would just love to become full time. What is your dayjob :) ?
I finished my previous school last year and I worked on a local store sometime in between. Right now I’m not working, but on the lookout for a job. I’m also applying for some schools, so I’m really unsecure of where and what to do with myself, haha! I’m doing some webdesign which I really enjoy doing, but it’s just on a hobby basis and it doesen’t make any big income, yet. So, yeah. I think I need to get out of town to get the wheels rolling.

Presumably, you would if given the chance, like to take Adyta onto the road. What band/artist would you just love to tour with and hang out with?
I’m not sure. Probably any band who would want Adyta with them, it doesen’t really matter since I would appreciate almost anything, haha. But if I would ever be able to choose, I would hope for something in the same genre, or a folkmetal band.

Good luck Joakim in all your future endeavours. I myself have total admiration for musicians like yourself who work really hard to achieve their goals. We at Ravenheart wish you all the very best for the future. Finally is there anything that you would like to say to anybody across the world via this website?
I hope you all will like the EP result! I wish I could do so much more out of Adyta, but it’s both difficult and it depends on various resources, which I have few of! So, yeah. Hopefully this will all reach further and I’ll be able to get some thoughts of my burden of a mind!

Thanks Joakim. I really wish you all the best and I will be following the progression of Adyta with interest. Meanwhile, check out
Dave Smith (Mar 1, 2009)