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Ravenheart Music: Interviews


There is a new band on the secne from Germany called AVERIUM. I rather like their 4 track EP so I offered to interview the band and my offer was duly accepted, so here goes!

Hi from the UK - can you tell us a little bit about Aeverium and how you guys and gal got together to play what to my ears is awesome music?
Hey Dave! Thank you so much! Well, the band originated through some really fortune coincidences: Andy and myself spent nearly ten years after the split of our last common band with writing and recording songs at home with several vocalists, found through the internet. We didn´t think of starting a new band at this point. But then I saw Chubby, our vocalist, performing with his band covering songs of our favourite rock bands. I was that impressed that I asked him, if he would like to sing to one of our tracks. We discovered that we have a very similar taste of music and decided to found a band. Owing to Chubby´s numerous connections to musicians in our local area we found the perfect drummer with Klaus and the perfect bass player with Lars. But the quest for our female vocalist emerged as a bit more difficult. Right before the start of the recordings to our EP we had to break up with our first female vocalist for health reasons. But it was our good fortune finding Aeva in June 2013 within a little casting we did. Everything came out right in the end and we are very happy that we are doing music in this constellation today.

With regards your specific brand of music, what are your influences?
You cannot create something completely new nowadays. Instead you have to combine different styles of music with your own. Our music covers a wider range of modern metal with a very melodic and an aggressive portion. Each song on our EP slightly handles a different style, but collectively seen they sound homogeneously, like from one band: Aeverium. The bands we are influenced by are really different, for example Evanescence, Korn, Disturbed, Within Temptation and Depeche Mode.

Have any band members been involved or are still involved in any other musical projects?
Oh yes, definitely. Chubby, Lars and Klaus are doing music with several well known cover bands in our local area. Before Aeverium, Chubby was the vocalist of 'Cyrcus' and he is still the drummer of 'Leaf'. Lars is the director of the 'Music Academy', a franchise music school operating European wide. In the 90s he played in a well known Ska band called 'The Braces' and Klaus was the drummer of a "Neue Deutsche Härte" band called 'In Viro'. Aeva is a classical trained and studied vocalist. She contributed in a lot of classical productions worldwide. Andi and I played in a gothic band called 'kranZGeld' . Actually we are participating in a pure online band called 'Anannuki' and we are working on a project called 'Decadent Minds' writing instrumental trailer music and film scores.

You use a male and female vocalist - I myself like it, but what made you seek a dual male/female vocal attack?
When we founded the band, Chubby had the idea to combine his powerful rock/metal voice with a female counterpart and we liked this idea very much. With two very different voices the stylistic variety expands a lot. But we didn´t want the well known "beast and beauty" or "growls and opera" combination. The voices of Aeva and Chubby and their way to harmonize their different ways to sing is essential for our music. Of course there are songs where Chubby or Aeva are doing the main part, and the other one´s role is singing mainly the backing vocals. But most of the time our songs consist of two main vocals.

Can you tell us more about the EP and how would you describe the music to the potential music buyer out there?
Of course we are influenced by Symphonic Metal Bands like Within Temptation or Evanescence. Especially our song 'The Ground Beneath your Feet' could be a song from one of these bands, I really adore. 'Rest in Peace', our tribute to Peter Steele, is a very catchy song, who could even be played on a Rock Radio Station right after HIM for example. 'Do you Remember' and 'Heaven´s Burning' are more metal songs with really heavy and aggressive parts like In Flames and electronic sounds like Depeche Mode or Rammstein. If people listen to bands like Lacuna Coil, Amaranthe or any other of the above named you should definitely listen to our EP Even if they aren´t used to listen to metal music they should give Aeverium a chance. Probably their favourite songs will be different ones than those named by the metal guys.

And what was the studio experience like?
That was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work ,-) We recorded the guitars, bass and synths ourselves at home. For these instruments we had as much time as we wanted, because there wasn´t nothing to pay for it. In the opposite we recorded the drums in a local studio in approximately 2-3 hours at one evening. Klaus is a living drum machine! For recording the vocals we didn´t want to compromise, because the vocals are the main attraction. That ´s why we recorded them at the Rockstation in Reuver (NL), a music company founded by Sander Gommans (After Forever, HDK) and Paul Simons. But it´s more than a music company. These guys helped us in every stage of the production, even before the start of the recordings and even after their completion. A lot of Sander´s ideas during the preproduction, which we did at my home, went into the final songs. If other musicians are reading this, check his out: . The vocal recordings did none other than Amanda Somerville herself at the Rockstation. Working with her was amazing. She took Aeva and Chubby to the next level with all her experiences, ideas and her amiable character. It was hard work, and everybody did a great job during this time.

You enlisted the help I see of Sander Gomans. He is a nice guy having spoken with him myself. How did you hook up wth him?
Chubby already worked with Sander and Amanda during the recordings with his old band Cyrcus. When we had some rough recordings of our songs, we visited them and Paul at their freshly founded Rockstation in Reuver (which is not very far away where we are living). They liked the rough material and we went along with each other very quickly. We haven´t regret it. Sander did an amazing job mixing the EP and we are very thankful for every experience they shared with us. We will continue working together in the future.

Have you had any fan or media reaction yet to the EP?
We released the EP together with our music video ( and our website. Everything at the same time. The feedback is very positive and we quickly collected ca. 4000 youtube- Views and a lot of likes at Facebook ( Some online- magazines are writing reviews and they are very positive, too. But of course it´s not easy as an unsigned band to get the attention we are looking for when you just started the whole thing.

Is there any chance of a full length album in due course?
Yes, of course. We´ve already got enough material for a complete album. But first we want to concentrate on playing live with the EP in our bags and allocating our resources in a support tour with a well known band that fits to our kind of music.

What is the metal scene like in your part of Germany?
There are just a few bands i know, who are playing music like we do. Most metal bands here are doing Metal Core or very extreme stuff. For a metal band it´s not that easy here. If you travel to the east of Germany it´s getting more popular. But our neighbours in Holland like this kind of music.

What are your musical inspirations at the moment and what music do you listen to when relaxing?
I know that Chubby is listening to a lot of stuff like Paradise Lost, Lacuna Coil, 80´s Rock and Pop. Klaus likes prog rock bands like Rush and Dream Theater. I know that Lars is really excited about Anneke van Giersbergen and Sarah relaxes with classic music. They also have a very wide range of music they listen to because of their jobs. Andi and I are listening a lot to Hans Zimmer and Two Steps from Hell at the moment.

And presumably you still have the dreaded day job to pay those all important bills, so apart from music, do you have any other hobbies?
There isn´t that much time for other hobbies. Besides our passion to music, Lars, Chubby and I have one hobby in common: football. But unfortunately we don´t support the same team ;-)

If you could tour with any band, who would that band be?
There are a lot of great bands, especially in holland. But if I had to name one, I would say our favourite for a tour is Lacuna Coil. Supporting them would be mind-blowing.

What future ambitions do you have for the band?
At the very beginning we already had our vision and ambitions in focus. We wanted to produce a professional record with a good looking video and then go to the public. In the next months we are playing some cool gigs mainly in our local area and in autumn 2014 we want to go on tour as a support for a notable band. We are already making preparations for this and i´m sure we will achieve this, too. Joining a record company and recording the full album would be the next step. But let´s take one step after another, right?

Many thanks for the chat, is there anything you would like to say before we sign off?
Thank you so much Dave for your support here at Ravenheart.
And if you read this watch our video at You can support us by joining us at facebook (, visiting our official website ( and you can buy our EP not only at our website. It´s available at itunes and amazon, too. See you hopefully someday in the UK ;-)
Dave Smith (Jan 22, 2014)