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Ravenheart Music: Interviews


The EP 'Princess Tragedy' by Swedish band Act III has hit us here at Ravenheart Music out of nowhere. It is an awesome recording which proves yet again the high class of unsigned talent out there. Mattias Larsson is one of the brains beind Act III. So read on!

Firstly Mattias, what made you get into the music business in the first place? and what by and large would you class as your influences?
"Well, I've always loved music, and metal is the form of music that realy gets me going! I was about 12 years old when i started to play the drums. Just for fun in the beginning but then we formed a band called No Life Left, and I got more addicted to making music. I started to listen to thrash metal back in the late 80's, bands like Coroner, Tankard and Kreator and got into death metal in the 90's, so I've got influences from most of the heavier metal genrers. But bands like Paradise Lost, Sirenia and Left Hand Solution got me into working with goth metal."

Regards Act III, many people here in the UK will not as yet have heard of you, although I am hoping I can change that. Can you tell us more about the band's history, the guys (and gal) in the band and how it all came together?
"Act III started out in 1997 under the name Nightflower. Me and Micheal started it together with some friends of ours. We made a demo tape and because of the bass player wasn't that good we kicked him out, and then the singer left with him. We found a new singer and bass player, added a second guitarist to the line up an changed the name to Tears Of Melancholy. We released a 4 track EP called Where tears never dry and a full length CD called 'Eternal Journey' through lost dream. Due to internal problems we put the band on ice, and in 2003 Micheal started to write new stuff. Took us 4 years to find a new vocalist, Lina who is by far the best singer we've had. We recorded a demo cd 2008 and got good response, so we decided to record an EP, and here we are!"

And bloomin' good it is too. Regards 'Princess Tragedy' Mattias, how would you describe the music on this record?
"We tried to make it somber and melancholic, but with a touch of the "harder" metal from death and thrash metal. I think we did a rather good job! HAHA! The lyrics are about everyday sorrows and the feeling of walking the earth without a purpose."

And can you tell us more about the songs on the record, and do you have any personal faves?
"The songs are all good, but if I should pick out any faves it would be Sick and
Autumn Embrace Me. Good mix between hard and a bit softer metal."

What was the studio experience like?
"Micheal has his own studio (Studio 27), so the problems aren't that many. We used Studio Sunlight in Stockholm with Tomas Skogsberg for the mix of the 2008 demo and the Princess Tragedy EP!"

And regards the recording process - was it simple or were there any major hurdles to overcome :) ?
"The recording went very smooth, and we could take all the time we needed because there was no time limit. But stil we didnt overwork the recording because we still wanted the rough/demo sound. Not too polished and clear as all music seems to be today."

By and large, what is the rock/metal scene like in Sweden?
"Well, Sweden is still on of the leading countries in metal. We have bands like In Flames who are on the top world wide, but still here in Sweden metal doesn't get the publicity it deserves. It's still considered as a low life music genre! Maybe low life is a bit hard, but I think you got the point!"

Yep, sure do. The UK has always been seen as the birthplace of rock and metal, but my belief is that the scene here could be and should be stronger. What are your expectations of the femme rock & metal scene generally across the UK, Europe and in the USA
"It's a growing genre. We started out in -97 when there wasn't many bands with female voclas. We got the idea from bands like Left Hand Solution, but they weren't that big back then. Evanescence made it more public, and bands like Nightwish and Within Temptation are really big today. Don't know many female fronted bands from UK,but I hope we can get to know and hear some great music in the future. And as you say, you got some great metal bands. Bolt Thrower and Carcass to name my fave bands!"

Cool!!! Musically who or what are your inspirations at the moment, and what sort of music are you listening to when you are chilling out or relaxing?
"I think for me personally, it would be Paradise Lost, Lacuna Coil and Cemetery that I put in the drums. But since I'm an old death metal drummer, some parts comes from that too. When I listen to music, it's all over the genres. I like Khold's music when I'm reading, but Scar Symmetery when I'm eating. And Mozart when I take a nap! LOL"

I may be wrong, but I assume that music is not your full time occupation. What do you do to enable you to pay your bills, and do you have any hobbies when not making music?
"I'm a butcher! How metal is that!? HAHA. It pays the bills,and wear out one's body. Would be great to live on the music. You never know, one day we might be able to. Beside music I spend alot of time playing on the PS3, watch movies and sit by the computer. Not a work out guy, but I think I have to start working out!"

What band/artist would you just love to tour with and hang out with, and would you tour the UK if given the chance?
"Would love to tour with Amorphis and Paradise Lost! Really great bands. And of course, if we would get the chance to tour the UK we would! I would love to tour Europe and the US anytime!"

And what are your band's plans for the future regards a new cd or perhaps even a tour?
"At the moment we are writing new stuff. I don't know when we're going to start recording. I hope it will be soon though, because it's alway alot of fun in the studio. We haven't booked any gigs yet, but you never know. A tour is a bit big for us at the moment, although it would be great and alot of fun to get out on the road"

Good luck in all your future endeavours Mattias. We at Ravenheart wish you and your band all the very best for the future. Finally is there anything that you would like to say to anybody across the world via this website?
"Thank you so much for your support of Act III, Dave! You and Aimee got something really good going here. I wish you all the luck in the future for you and Ravenheart Music! I would just like to say, that if you like our music, please tell us, and give us comments, by mail or on our Myspace. We are independent and we need all the support we can get, so we can deliver you more music in the future! Take care all, and I hope to see you all on day, when we're on the road with Paradise Lost! HAHA!! Thank you so much!

On behalf of the rest of Act III


Super guy is Mattias. And Paradise Lost kept cropping up in that interview. Nick Holmes and co are actually one of my fave bands too. Super stuff!

Re Act III contact.. or contact them via
Dave Smith (Apr 2, 2009)